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Service ORGS

All meetings have moved online until further notice due to the COVID-19 Restrictions placed by Local and County Officials. 

Please call Central Office for current Zoom information

SFV Intergroup Second Mon.  Monthly Orientation: 6:30 PM  Meeting:  7:00 PM Contact Central Office for Meeting Details
SFV Public Information Central Office 818-988-3001
SFV Zone Committee Central Office 818-988-3001
SFV Hospitals & Institutions Third Monday Monthly Orientation: 7:00 PM Meeting:  8:00 pm Meeting ID# 949 1798 8264 P/W:926814
SFVAA Convention Third Tues.,  Monthly Planning Committee convenes in April. Meeting information coming soon!
General Service:
District #1 First Wed. Monthly Orientation: 6:00 pm Meeting: 6:30 pm ID# 858 2298 7088 P/W: S3rv1c371
District #7 Second Sat. Monthly Meeting:  9:00 am Meeting On-Line ID#
District #11 First Mon. Monthly Orientation: 6:30 pm Meeting: 7:00 pm ID# 875 654 1182 P/W: 137823
District #16 First Mon. Monthly Orientation: 5:30 pm Meeting:  6:00 pm ID# 880 4861 1896 P/W: 600563
District #17 First Mon. Monthly Orientation: 5:15 pm Meeting: 5:45 pm ID# 925 3753 3865 P/W: District17
District #2 First Tues. Monthly Meeting:  6:30 pm Meeting On-Line ID#


“The San Fernando Valley Central Office is an A.A. service office that involves the partnership of groups in our area. It exists to aid the groups in their common purpose of carrying the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers. It is maintained, supervised and supported by these groups by the authority vested in San Fernando Valley Intergroup.Staffed by paid employees, SFV Central Office enlists the help of volunteers to perform its services – answering telephones, assisting with the SFV newsletter, public information, speaking, 12th step work, etc.”


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Get In Touch


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